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Our Story

Julian and Mariha met each other in Austin, Texas and both quickly discovered their
mutual love for good food and drink. Julian and Mariha really appreciate and
acknowledge genuine hospitality. They have always dreamt of having a place of their
own, to share with people the love of providing great food and beverage experiences. 
Mariha started her culinary career back in 2009 in her hometown Brownsville, Texas.
After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY Mariha
decided it was time to go back home to Texas. Mariha continued to develop her
knowledge, creativity, and skills while working as a Chef at prestigious restaurants and
hotels in the city of Austin. Julian started his hospitality and restaurant career in Buffalo,
NY, also working at different restaurants and hotels. In 2013 Julian decided to make a
move to Austin, to further his education and career. Julian’s love for the hospitality
industry and hard work made him excel in the industry as a leader. Combining true love,
passion for hospitality mixed in with a ton of hard work, finally La Plancha was born.

Restaurant at Night


La Plancha is a fast-casual counter-service concept inspired by Mexican street food.We proudly serve family recipes in a modern-casual atmosphere. We look forward to hosting a memorable experience by sharing Mexican street food-inspired dishes and drinks.

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